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Events 2015

BIMCO Bills of Lading Masterclass

HFW Partner Simon Cartwright and Yaman Al Hawamdeh will be presenting at this masterclass.


8 – 10 December 2015




Topics will include:

  • The Bill of Lading as a Receipt
  • Who is the Legal Carrier under the Bill of Lading?
  • The Bill of Lading as a Contract of Carriage
  • The Problems Caused by Negotiating Bills of Lading
  • The Protection of Third Parties
  • Combined and Through Transport Bills of Lading
  • The Importance of International Regulation
  • Which is the Governing Contract of Carriage?
  • The Bill of Lading as a Document of Title
  • Remedies for Claims
  • Letters of Indemnity
  • Switch Bills of Lading
  • Comingling of Cargoes

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