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Life Beyond the Pandemic - A Business Perspective

As the world entered the start of the next decade, few could have imagined let alone foreseen the way in which 2020 would unfold.

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At HFW, we understand how COVID-19 has affected businesses around the world. Each jurisdiction, in all corners of the globe, has and will continue to grapple with the issues arising from COVID-19. In light of this, our global insurance team have created a COVID-19 Chronology of the dates when COVID-19 related restrictions on businesses were introduced, to be used as an initial guide when reviewing any policies which may be available.

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Business immigration strategies for the redefined 21st century

We are delighted to share the latest brochure from our U.S. Business Immigration practice, which explores variety of legal issues, including gaining work authorization and United States permanent residency for valuable foreign talent and their families.

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Green Law

From making palm oil more ethically palatable to decommissioning oil and gas infrastructures, the spotlight remains firmly on the green movement this year.

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