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Commercially-driven management for shipping

The shipping sector has been focused quite heavily on a compliance-driven approach to cyber risk management, catalysed by IMO 2021. However, cyber risk management is really more a commercial issue and ultimately about ensuring you are protecting against your key financial exposures. Compliance is just one consideration.

HFW and CyberOwl have joined forces to help our clients assess, monitor and actively manage their cyber risks, and gain assurance of cyber compliance.

HFW's market-leading shipping lawyers, recognised as experts in advising our clients on major incident prevention and response, and CyberOwl's team of data and security experts work together to help the maritime sector prevent and actively defend against commercial, legal, technical and operational risks, including reviews of vessel cyber security seaworthiness, cyber security monitoring, and related legal and consulting advice.

Together we can help you overcome the unique technical, operational, legal and commercial challenges of shipping by assisting you in identifying where your realistic cyber exposure lie, how best to actively monitor and mitigate those risks, and gain assurance of cyber compliance. Our combined solutions help you minimise your liabilities in the unfortunate event of a cyber attack.

HFW's cross-jurisdictional expertise in maritime risk, crisis management, insurance and regulation expertise mean that HFW is ideally placed to assist with any cyber-related query, and should you be faced with an attack, HFW's renowned international cyber response team can provide a 24/7 response. 

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Leveraging our global cyber and maritime expertise we can support your ongoing management of cyber risk through the provision of the following services:


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