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Why choose HFW?

Meeting all your legal needs

We have the legal knowledge, the experience, the international reach and the commercial focus to advise on all aspects of international commerce.

Here are 10 reasons why you should choose HFW:

  • Sectoral knowledge: we are an entirely sector-focused firm with an intimate knowledge of our clients' businesses and the sectors in which they operate. Our lawyers are grouped into sector teams to build upon and leverage our industry knowledge for the benefit of our clients. That means that we are able to advise clients knowledgeably about strategy as well as on individual deals and disputes.
  • Commercial focus: our advice is underpinned by commercial practicalities and we don't sit on the fence. Many of our lawyers have worked directly for businesses in our specialist sectors, or been seconded to them. Our primary objective is always to assist our clients to achieve their commercial ambitions.
  • Internationalism: all our offices provide international legal advice and, where we are permitted to do so, local law advice. Our lawyers are familiar with the local business environments and have extensive experience of the legal systems within their regions. We are able to conduct business in a variety of languages.
  • Accessibility: we are available to assist our clients around the clock. We are fully geared up to dealing with crises and can attend to any crisis anywhere in the world at a moment’s notice.
  • Adaptability: as our clients’ commercial requirements shift to accommodate developments in the international market place, so we are able to adapt our advice to best suit their requirements. We are not stuck in our ways.
  • Pragmatism: we are relentless when it comes to protecting and enforcing our clients’ interests, but we do not waste time on points scoring or needless and expensive litigation. If a deal can be struck or a settlement reached, we know how to do it.
  • Influence: we actively work to develop the law in the areas in which we specialise and are regularly called upon to be advisors to governments, business institutions and regulatory authorities in developing new legal tools and procedures.
  • Commitment to excellence: we have a commitment to be the best in every area of our practice and to work with our clients constantly to update and perfect our services.
  • Commitment to value: service from HFW is delivered by market experts together with the most appropriate team for the circumstances. We work closely with our clients in meeting their expectations and ensuring that the services we provide are exactly what they require.
  • Aspiration: we aim to be the law firm of choice for any business engaged in international commerce.

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