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Global energy transition is gathering pace, driven by climate and net zero requirements and aspirations, changing consumer expectations and technological advancement.

We support our clients throughout the whole energy transformation, whether it be offsetting emissions to achieve net zero, emissions reduction and new technology projects, renewable power projects or PPAs or investment in renewable or emerging energy tech business.

Our energy transition experts are often at the forefront of what comes next, for example we were the lead adviser for the world’s largest (at the time) hybrid thermal/renewable power station at a remote mine site and are working with industry and start-ups on exciting new ventures involving hydrogen in transport and autonomous ships.

We have a depth of experience in decommissioning in the upstream oil and gas space and managing associated risks, and can work with you on this more difficult aspect of the journey.

We are here to help industry take the journey through what is both a challenging and rewarding phase.


  • Advised on the world's largest offshore wind farms by turbine count and turbine size, as well as on new cutting-edge technology projects including the use of suction bucket jacket foundations and 66kV cabling.
  • Advised on the procurement, construction and the operations and maintenance of a ground-breaking 168 MWp solar pv plant in Ninh Thuan, Vietnam – the largest in Vietnam to date.
  • Advising a large oil and gas trader on investments made by its renewable investment fund over a 18-month period, which included investments in renewable projects across Europe and Africa, as well as advising a consortium of nine banks on a novel green loan with an interest rate based on ambitious environmental criteria.
  • Advising a large power provider over a 24-month period to transform the way power is delivered using new technology. This included virtual power plants acting in the place of traditional thermal generation, a platform allowing the peerto-peer trading of rooftop solar electricity to drive efficient outcomes and the placement of mega-batteries throughout the community to stabilise the grid.


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