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Sustainability in REGULATION

Our global multidisciplinary team understands the whole of business approach needed to manage environmental, social, economic and governance issues for true sustainability.

We work across jurisdictions to guide our clients through the continually evolving ESG demands, climate change and sustainability policies and practical challenges around the world. For many of our clients, a demonstrable commitment to (and implementation of) sustainable corporate practices and regulatory compliance issues are part of everyday business. As regulatory demands continue to widen, we work to find commercial and enduring solutions for our clients. Our experts provide comprehensive technical and climate change advice on sustainable practices, including adoption of transformative energy opportunities, development of carbon emission reduction legal regimes, climate change strategy and the achievement of "net zero" carbon emissions commitments. We have experience in representing all stakeholders in climate change projects and carbon offset and other transactions.


  • Advisory, disputes, investigations and due diligence assistance to Australian entities operating across multiple challenging international jurisdictions on whole of supply chain and related ESG obligations and commercial impacts, including climate change, transformative energy, human rights, slavery, anticorruption and security issues.
  • Long-standing advocacy and involvement in Australian resources and agribusiness industry-wide sustainability efforts and reform (legislative and advisory).
  • Advised a Sovereign Wealth Fund on the global regulatory framework for carbon offsetting, as part of their plans to implement their Sustainability Net Zero carbon reduction commitments.
  • Assisted a European headquartered multinational energy and environmental services company with their access to a PRC pilot Carbon Exchange and with the establishment of its WFOE in the Shanghai Free Trade Zone for trading environmental products in the PRC.
  • Advised on the development, product design and clearing structure for new EU ETS emission and spot futures products to be traded in the EU, including on the EU and UK regulatory framework for the establishing of Trading Accounts in the Union Registry, the new settlement procedures in the EU and to help assess the risks and protections afforded by certain proposed clearing structures under the EU Registries regulation.
  • Assisting and advising clients on the implications of regulations on shipping emissions at a national and regional level through the inclusion of the maritime sector in carbon emissions trading schemes, including but not limited to the EU Emissions Trading System ("EU ETS").


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