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Please find below our dedicated Brexit related content, focusing on sector-specific issues which may affect your business.

HFW Clear thinking around Brexit

Clear thinking around Brexit

HFW has a dedicated team of lawyers across our key sectors of Aviation, Commodities, Construction, Energy, Insurance and Reinsurance, and Shipping, who are on hand to advise you on Brexit issues and help to provide clarity around the legal and strategic implications for your business.

Our three stage process enables HFW to work with you to take a practical and hands-on approach to Brexit.

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Parliamentary Sovereignty Supreme: UK government still on target for Article 50 Brexit trigger before the end of March (January 2017)

In this briefing we discuss the Supreme Court's judgment on Tuesday 24 January 2017, which upheld the High Court's ruling requiring an Act of Parliament to trigger Article 50 of the Treaty of the European Union (TEU, the Lisbon Treaty), the mechanism which starts the two year period for negotiating the UK's exit from the EU.

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Trading after Brexit: navigating WTO rules (November 2016)

If the UK formally exits the EU at the end of the Article 50 process without a free trade agreement with the EU in place, trade between the UK and the EU will have to rely on WTO rules. This article provides an introduction to those rules for exporters and importers of goods and services, and clarifies what Brexit might actually mean for them, including the possibility of increased tariffs, increased customs formalities and other challenges.

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Preparing for Brexit: seven things that (re)insurance businesses can do now (July 2016)

June’s vote to leave the EU has set the UK on course for Brexit. It is not yet known exactly when the final exit will take place (although two years’ notice is required) and it is far from clear which EU treaties and legislation will continue to apply in the UK or the extent to which UK businesses will be able to continue operating in the EU.

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Next steps for out

The UK has decided by a majority vote to leave the EU. Here we discuss how this will impact your business.

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HFW in the news

Chamber Legal Practice Guides - Legal Brexit - Aviation

HFW contributed a chapter to a Chambers Global Practice Guide concerning the impact of Brexit on the aviation industry.

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Getting the deal through: Brexit

This article was first published in Getting the Deal Through - Ship Finance: Updates and Trends and is reproduced with permission.

The terms of the UK’s withdrawal from the EU will inevitably dictate the extent to which Brexit impacts upon financial agreements. As this stage, it is important to consider the clauses which may have to be reviewed.

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For our second Brexit panel we welcomed back Radio 4 'Today' presenter John Humphrys who returned to chair the panel discussion.


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