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Published on an ad hoc basis, these guides are designed to answer questions and clarify issues affecting clients' businesses.


  • Freezer Pack
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    It was in 1975 in Mareva Compania Naviera SA v International Bulkcarriers SA where HFW acted for the successful applicant in securing an injunction restraining the respondents from removing or disposing of any moneys out of the jurisdiction1. Commodities  Dispute Resolution 
  • Client Guide: Freezing Injunctions
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    This Client Guide outlines the key points to consider when obtaining or receiving the English court “freezing injunction” (previously known as a Mareva injunction): a powerful tool for any party seeking to prevent assets being dissipated prior to enforcement of a judgment or arbitration award. Dispute Resolution 
  • Client Guide: The new English Court Disclosure Pilot, what does it mean for Litigants?
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    This Client Guide outlines the mandatory English High Court Disclosure Pilot (the Pilot) which from 1 January 2019 applies to most actions in the Business and Property Courts. Dispute Resolution 
  • Bunker Pack
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    As of 1 January 2020, the International Maritime Organisation will introduce the Global Sulphur Cap by way of amendment to Regulation 14 of MARPOL Annex VI. This will limit the sulphur content of ships' fuel oil from 3.5% m/m to 0.5% m/m. The lower cap of 0.1% m/m in Emission Control Areas, as introduced in 2015 will remain. In addition, as of 1 March 2020 vessels will be prohibited from carrying fuel with a sulphur content in excess of 0.5% m/m (except as cargo or where a scrubber is fitted).
  • Turkey Pack
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    With a population of some 80 million, abundant natural resources, well placed ports and historically high rates of growth, Turkey is an attractive market full of opportunities
  • Client Guide: Mediation
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    This Client Guide sets out what Mediation is and when and why to use it. Dispute Resolution 
  • Client guide: English Civil Litigation Procedure
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    In any legal dispute there will be situations where recourse to alternative forms of dispute resolution such as mediation are not appropriate for resolving the dispute and where the parties may prefer not to arbitrate their dispute. In these situations, it will be necessary and often preferable to commence legal proceedings in the English civil courts either in the High Court, or for smaller claims of £100,000 or less the County Court. Dispute Resolution 
  • Enforcement Pack
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    This Pack is the second edition of the enforcement series and has been produced as so often our clients go through expensive and time-consuming litigation only to be left stuck with an English Court judgment or arbitration award which they are unable to enforce. Commodities 
  • Legal Costs - A Clients Guide
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    Achieving the desired outcome for your disputes matter is what our lawyers do best. Achieving the best possible costs recovery, or minimizing the costs exposure, is where our Costs Team ensure we offer a complete service that sets us apart from many other disputes law firms.
  • Client guide: sanctions
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    A key political weapon used by governments to exert pressure on a particular country or regime to encourage a change in behaviour or compliance with certain objectives. The main sanctions regimes exist in the EU, US and UK, often implementing measures imposed by the United Nations. International Trade Regulation 
  • Force Majeure Pack June 2018
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    The dedicated Force Majeure Pack will focus on English law and will cover, general principles of force majeure, recent case law, the relationship between force majeure and the doctrine of frustration, contemporaneous events and general guidance. Commodities  London 
  • Arrest Pack
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    This pack analyses two of the most common means through which claimants operating in the shipping and commodities spaces seek to (1) obtain security for bringing a claim and (2) enforce their judgments and awards: ship arrest (and sale), and attachments. Commodities 
  • Client guide: Letters of Credit, the UCP600 and documentary requirements
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    Letters of credit (LCs) are one of the most common methods of payment for goods in international trade. Commodities 
  • Container shipping contracts - a fixed-fee contract review package
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    As many beneficial cargo owners (BCOs) start to turn their minds to preparing their tender packages for containerised sea freight services for 2018-2019, one of the key elements to consider is the inclusion of a template framework agreement, and more importantly whether it is still fit for purpose and more than just a ‘gentleman’s arrangement’1. Logistics  Shipping  Ports & Terminals 
  • Japan Pack: First Edition
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    This dedicated Japan Pack is designed to help our commercial partners successfully navigate the choppy waters caused by the UK's decision to exit the European Union. HFW will support you to avoid the pitfalls and make the most of the opportunities that Brexit presents. Commentary from HFW Partners, consultants and Japanese expert opinion will provide clarity around the legal and strategic implications for your business. Commodities  Commodities  Asia Pacific 
  • Privilege Pack
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    A guide for in-house practitioners (first edition) Commodities 
  • Client guide: funding disputes in England and Wales
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    We recognise that financing litigation and arbitration is a major consideration for clients when deciding whether to bring an action or resist a claim, no matter the size of the organisation, or merits of the claim.
  • Client guide: privilege
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    Under English law “legal professional privilege” entitles a party to withhold evidence (electronic, written, or oral) and not disclose it to either the other side, the court, or regulatory bodies (subject to certain exceptions).
  • Client guide: enforcing arbitration awards
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    The ease of recognition and enforcement of arbitration awards, compared to court judgments in foreign courts is often seen as one of the key advantages to arbitration. Once a winning party has successfully obtained an arbitration award, if the unsuccessful party does not voluntarily comply with it, they will need to take steps to enforce it. Dispute Resolution 
  • Client guide: whether to choose arbitration or litigation?
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    Whether a sophisticated user of disputes mechanisms, or fairly new to the industry, one point to consider at an early stage of the contract negotiations, or latest before commencing proceedings is whether to litigate or arbitrate any dispute, which following the vote to leave the EU is a particularly relevant issue. This Client Guide highlights the points to consider in arriving at that decision. Dispute Resolution 
  • Client guide: enforcement
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    If you are going to spend time, money and resources pursuing or defending a court or arbitration claim, then you need to consider what you are going to get out of it in the long run. What can you do with an English court judgment or arbitration award at home or abroad? How can you trace and preserve assets to make sure you get paid? Dispute Resolution 
  • Cyber Pack
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    The Cyber Pack looks at how exposed the commodity and shipping industry is to cyber crime, the basic steps that can be taken to address risk issues and offers clients our HFW product suite of solutions and services (provided in conjunction with Protection Group International and Moore Stephens. Commodities  Shipping 
  • A guide to setting up a business in the UAE – the legal requirements
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    The following is a brief introduction to the commercial and legal mechanisms available to foreign companies for investing in and carrying on business in the UAE. Middle East  Dubai  Corporate  Finance  Projects  Commercial 
  • A guide to the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) – General Admissions
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    Why list on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX)? Asia Pacific  Melbourne  Sydney  Perth  Financial Institutions  Finance 
  • A Guide to Investing in a Mining Project
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    An overview of four of Asia Pacific's key mining areas: Indonesia, Mongolia, Vietnam, and Western Australia Mining  Corporate  Finance  Commercial  Africa  Asia Pacific  Eastern Europe & Russia  Indian Sub-continent  Middle East  Latin America  Scandinavia  USA & Canada  Mediterranean  London  Shanghai  Melbourne  Perth  Hong Kong 
  • A Guide to what to do after a Dawn Raid by the Competition Authorities
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    The European Commission and national competition authorities have significantly increased their competition law enforcement activities in recent years. EU, Competition and Trade Regulatory  London  Paris  Rouen  Brussels  Geneva  Piraeus 
  • A Guide to the Coastal Trading Reforms in Australia
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    The roll out of the Coastal Trading legislation, which came into effect on 1 July 2012 is now largely complete. However, questions regarding the applicable legislative framework governing the employment conditions and health and safety of seafarers are continuing to arise due to uncertainty regarding which legislation applies to particular types of voyages on licensed vessels carrying domestic cargoes. Shipping  International Trade Regulation  Employment, Immigration and Personal Injury  Melbourne  Sydney  Perth  Asia Pacific 
  • A Guide to EU Commission Fines
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    Revised guidelines (the Guidelines) on the method of setting fines imposed for competition infringements were published in 2006 by the European Commission (the Commission). The following guide provides an outline of why fines are imposed and how they are calculated. EU, Competition and Trade Regulatory  Aerospace  Construction  Energy  Insurance & Reinsurance  Logistics  Shipping  Shipping  Travel, Cruise & Leisure  London  Brussels 
  • A Guide to Raising Finance
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    Key UK based equity fund raising options for non-UK based resource companies Corporate  Finance  Commodities  Energy  Mining  London  Singapore 
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