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Iran: opportunities following sanctions relief

On 16 January 2016 (Implementation Day), in a move which has been hailed by politicians in Tehran, London, Brussels and Washington, one of the most extensive lifting of sanctions in history took place.

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Mongolia: what's new?

It is no secret that the fall in global commodity prices and Chinese demand has hurt the Mongolian economy. In addition, the Mongolian government is facing a number of imminent debt repayments and the prospect of having to restructure its sovereign and parastatal debt remains very real.

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Green is the new black: developments following the Paris climate change conference

Whilst the final details are still being ironed out, the international community has celebrated what appears to be an agreement following the recent meetings in Paris.

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With the fall in global commodity prices and slowdown in Chinese demand for commodities, a number of African governments may face the imminent prospect of having to restructure their sovereign and parastatal debt. They should not be ignoring this and recent examples have shown that the more proactive an approach that can be taken, the better the long term results.

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Extension of the French continental shelf

On 25 September, France adopted four decrees redefining the external limits of the French continental shelf.

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Modern Slavery Act 2015 – supply chain due diligence

The Modern Slavery Act 2015 (the Act) came into force in October this year, consolidating existing criminal offences in slavery and human trafficking and bringing in new rules on supply chain due diligence. The UK Government has now issued supporting guidance to the legislation.

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