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International Arbitration Quarterly, June 2014

Using state immunity to avoid enforcement of arbitral awards: a case study

This article examines what happens when a state-owned entity enters into a commercial contract and agrees to submit any disputes arising out of that contract to arbitration. If the state loses the arbitration, it sometimes claims sovereignty immunity to attempt to block enforcement of the arbitral award.Read now

Construction Bulletin, June 2014

Change at the centre of disputes

Our new book, Construction Contract Variations, is the only current text that deals exclusively with the subject of changes to the scope of works on a project. This is surprising in view of the wide range of disputes which turn on issues that relate to variations.Read now

Cruise Bulletin, June 2014

The bleak outlook of reduced sulphur emissions

Against a background of growing global environmental consciousness, the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) has sought to introduce a number of environmental regulations in recent years to reduce emissions into the atmosphere. Whilst the ethical credentials are clear, the increased financial and logistical strain on cruise companies striving to comply with these regulations is a burgeoning concern.Read now

Commodities Bulletin, June 2014

GM crops – an Australian decision

In what has been described as a “landmark” decision for the genetically-modified (GM) crop industry, the Supreme Court of Western Australia has held that a farmer growing a GM crop was not liable for economic loss suffered by his organic farming neighbours.Read now

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