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HFW: Holman Fenwick Willan

Emergency Response

Brexit: next steps for out

The UK has decided by a majority vote to leave the EU. Here we discuss how this will impact your business.

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Financing the future

HFW is delighted to be partnering with
GTR (Global Trade Review) to launch an industry-wide trade finance survey "Financing the future: looking ahead in commodity trade finance".

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Australia adopts SOLAS amendments on “verified gross mass” (VGM) of containers

From 1 July 2016 it will be mandatory worldwide under the amended International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) for shippers to provide a VGM for containers.

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Global Partnerships Report 2016

HFW has worked with research group ExplaintheMarket to identify the three most important trends in a global economy. The research highlights three economic trends where political will, investor confidence and opportunities for new partnerships all converge.

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Indonesia: what’s new? The Indonesia 2016 Negative List

Further to the announcement of a series of Economic Stimulus Packages, the Indonesian Government has finally enacted the new foreign investment negative list (2016 Negative List), setting out business activities that are either entirely closed, open and conditionally open to foreign investment.

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North Korea sanctions update

Amid continuing frustration at the activities of North Korea, including allegations of a link between North Korea and cyber attacks against banks in Bangladesh and elsewhere which resulted in the theft of more than $80 million, the EU and US have now imposed still further sanctions against North Korea.

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