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HFW in the news

HFW lawyers are often asked to comment on the latest issues and trends affecting the markets in which our clients operate.

Insurance Day, 18 August 2016

What re/insurance businesses can do now to prepare for Brexit(Subscriber Access)

HFW Partner Richard Spiller and Associate William Reddie discusses steps companies can take to ready themselves for the new business landscape post-Brexit.

Business Journal, 2 August 2016

Brexit: Future of UK Airlines remains uncertain

HFW Partner Sue Barham comments on the possible new regulatory options for the airline industry in light of the vote to leave the EU.

LexisNexis , 19 July 2016

The post-referendum landscape for shipping finance

HFW Partner Stephen Marais considers the possible implications Brexit could have on the shipping finance markets.. This article was first published on Lexis®PSL Financial Services analysis on 29 June 2016. Click for a free trial of Lexis®PSL

City AM, 8 July 2016

Would the City be better off in the long term outside the Single Market?

HFW Partner Richard Spiller gives his opinion on the UK's financial position post-Brexit.

LexisNexis , 29 June 2016

What does the referendum result mean for the UK financial services industry?

HFW Partner Robert Finney details the changes to the substantive law governing finance and other commercial agreements, as well as the mechanism for resolving disputes post-Brexit. This article was first published on Lexis®PSL Financial Services analysis on 29 June 2016. Click for a free trial of Lexis®PSL

Insurance Day, 29 June 2016

Brexit: The Legal View (Subscriber Access)

HFW Partner Richard Spiller discusses the key issues concerning the insurance regulatory regime post-Brexit.

BBC News, 26 June 2016

Brexit and negotiating new trade agreements

HFW Partner Anthony Woolich on BBC News discusses the impact on trade agreements following the UK's vote to leave the EU.

Lloyds List, 24 June 2016

Shipping and ports face Brexit fallout

HFW Partner Anthony Woolich spells out the consequences of the UK leaving the European Union for those doing business in the UK.

Tradewinds, 24 June 2016

'Opportunity Friday' from Brexit vote, says HFW

HFW Partners Brian Perrott and Toby Stephens' discuss London's role as a centre for trade post-Brexit.

The Lawyer, 23 June 2016

Global 200 deliver £81bn revenue in 2015

HFW are listed as number 184 in the Global 200 report. The 200 firms, including 144 US, 31 UK, nine Asian, seven Canadian and nine European firms, collectively brought in £80.9bn - or $127bn - last year.

The Times, 21 April 2016

Much ado about Brexit (Subscriber Access)

Edward Fennell notes HFW has "hit the jackpot" with our range of speakers on out Brexit panel discussion.

The Times, 19 May 2016

Why Brexit could spell trouble for recruitment (Subscriber Access)

HFW Partner Anthony Woolich comments on the uncertainty over future recruitment within the legal industry post-Brexit.

TradeWinds, 8 March 2016

Brothers in law

HFW Associate Tunde Adesokan and his identical twin brother, Jide, talk of their similar careers in shipping and offshore energy law

City AM, 8 March 2016

As EDF’s finance chief quits, will the Hinkley Point nuclear power plant ever be built?

HFW Partner Alistair Mackie gives his opinion on the Hinkley Point nuclear power plant

Wall Street Journal, 7 March 2016

Egypt Replaces Head of Agriculture Quarantine Authority

HFW Partner Richard Merrylees discusses the potential market response to Mr Moussa's removal

Wall Street Journal, 6 March 2016

Investing in Iran? Frontier Market Opens Up

HFW Partner Daniel Martin comments on the impact of the lifting of a number of Iranian sanctions

Shipping Tribune, 19 February 2016

India Summit 2016

HFW Partner Paul Dean examines the legal point of view for ship building and repair.

Tradewinds , 11 February 2016

Far East shipping models show how much can be achieved from so little

HFW Partner Gareth Williams discusses the attempts by the European Union (EU) to tax Greek shipping and the benefits of the Far East models.

International Transport Journal, 29 January 2016

Recovery – in part

As part of the SSC’s international Seafreight Conference, HFW Partner Craig Neame comments on the risks within the international transport market.

Legal Business Online, 28 January 2016

ALB CSR List 2016

HFW is noted as a top 25 law firm in Asia due to our Anti-piracy work.

Building, 21 January 2016

The Footing the bill

HFW Partner Michael Sergeant discusses impact on liability for costs of projects going over budgets following from William Clark Partnership Ltd vs Dock St PCT Ltd.

Lloyd's List, 19 January 2016

The BIMCO clause provides clearer means of compensation

HFW Partner Gareth Williams considers whether a breach in the punctual payment of hire allows for termination of charter agreements and subsequent compensation

The Times, 14 January 2016

The Surveillance bill and security v privacy (Subscriber Access)

HFW Partner Anthony Woolich discusses the proposed reforms within the investigatory powers bill.

Reuters TV Money Matters, 21 December 2015

The year of DPAs

HFW Partner Anthony Woolich speaks to Reuters TV about the year of DPAs.

The Loadstar, 24 November 2015

Container shipping mega-alliances face major shake-up as new mergers loom

HFW Partner Anthony Woolich discusses the China Shipping-COSCO merger

Asia Legal Business, 19 November 2015

Asia’s Top 50 Largest Law Firms

HFW is listed at number 25 in Asia’s Top 50 Largest Law Firms

Hellenic Shipping News, 18 November 2015

Iran Sanctions: Is the End in Sight?

HFW Partners Daniel Martin, Anthony Woolich and Associate Elena Kumashova provide their insight on the lifting of EU and US extra-territorial sanctions

Seatrade, 15 November 2015

Emirates Maritime Arbitration Centre inches closer to reality.

HFW Partner Edward Newitt is named in the Seatrade article.

With so many individuals having a stake in the future of shipping in Dubai, calls are growing for an increase in the sophistication of the legal machinery governing the emirate, with many participants seeking industry-specific improvements to dispute resolution. Dubai Maritime Agenda, a conference organised last week by Dubai Maritime City Authority, sought to address the issue head on.

Global Trade Review, 2 November 2015

HFW Partner Anthony Woolich discussed the impact of the Bribery Act (Subscriber Access)

"I think banks are nervous generally at the moment, largely because of the huge fines the US authorities have imposed on banks for not having sufficient checks in countries subject to trade sanctions..."

The Lawyer, 30 October 2015

HFW sets out action plan to boost gender equality (Subscriber Access)

Holman Fenwick Willan (HFW) has set out an “aspirational” target to increase the number of women in its partnership to 30 per cent by 2020 as part of a wider effort to improve gender diversity...

Lloyds List, 27 October 2015

UK Court of Appeal issues judgment on collision cases (Subscriber Access)

HFW Senior Associate Alex Kemp comments on the recent judgment.

Global Reinsurance, 26 October 2015

Abu Dhabi global market: a rival to the DIFC

Consultant Carol-Ann Burton and Senior Associate Tanya Janfada discuss the Abu Dhabi Market in the winter edition of Global Reinsurance. Our article can be found on page 33.

The Times, 15 October 2015

Far East opportunities attract aspiring young lawyers (Subscriber Access)

HFW Associate Edward Beeley appears as a case study in the Times, discussing his reasons for working in Hong Kong.

The Lawyer, 21 September 2015

Clients' most-wanted legal services providers (Subscriber Access)

HFW has been ranked an external legal supplier that clients most want to work with. Described as "a go-to firm; small in size but full of young and knowledgeable partners who don’t charge an arm and a leg'.

Lloyds List, 15 September 2015

Overcapacity keeps ocean hull rates soft (Subscriber Access)

HFW Partner Richard Neylon comments on ocean hull rates.

The Times, 10 September 2015

Law Diary – London International Shipping Week (Subscriber Access)

HFW's involvement in London International Shipping week is mentioned in this week's Law Diary.

Lloyds List, 25 August 2015

Marine insurance mulls lessons of Tianjin blast (Subscriber Access)

HFW Partner George Eddings comments on the impact of Tianjin.

All About Shipping, 7 August 2015

ICHCA seminar to explore implementation of new IMO container weight rules

New IMO regulations requiring verification of a freight container’s gross mass will become mandatory from 1 July 2016. But many organisations – and nations – are not prepared for this significant change to global container operations. With time running short for industry sectors and governments to decide their response, ICHCA International will hold a 1-day seminar on ‘Container Weight Verification: Regulation to Implementation’ in London this September 11 to discuss how the new legislation can be implemented and enforced with minimum disruption to container logistics chains.

Tradewinds, 17 July 2015

UK high court approves rare sale of cargo to help settle unpaid bills

The High Court in London has issued a ruling that gives owners and time charterers the ability to collect unpaid freight and other bills from cargo interests by selling the cargo.

The decision, won by US charterer Castleton Commodities Inc (CCI), strengthens the power of a lien on cargo in charter deals, according to the Holman Fenwick Willan (HFW) lawyers representing the trader. HFW partner Brian Perrott and senior associate Patrick Knox say an owner’s lien on cargo, which also extends to a time charterer in its role as disponent owner, traditionally was seen to be a power to hold a cargo until payment is received.

Lloyd's List, 22 June 2015

Stanford Marine signs $327m sharia loan (Subscriber access)

Stanford Marine Group has agreed a sharia-compliant loan of Dirham1.2bn ($326.7m) for the purposes of consolidating existing debt, according to a statement from Holman Fenwick Willan.

Port Technology, 22 June 2015

The great freight rate race (Subscriber access)

HFW Senior Associate Matt Gore writes, "Despite persistent volume growth, in recent years many lines have seen poor financial performance. Underlying adverse market conditions have been the imbalance between supply and demand, causing major fluctuations in freight rates. Increasing orders for ultra-large vessels, now in the region of 20,000 TEU, have generated overcapacity, driving rates down further".

Reuters, 7 June 2015

New EU rules may hasten commodity liquidity flight

HFW Partner Robert Finney comments on Planned EU regulations on position limits in commodities and how these are fuelling intense debate about whether the move could prompt traders to flee to Asian markets, further hurting European liquidity and potentially hurting economic growth. looks at how contracts can create scope of work disputes and how UK courts resolve them.

RICS, 4 June 2015

Scope for Disagreement

HFW Partner Michael Sergeant looks at how contracts can create scope of work disputes and how UK courts resolve them.

Asian Legal Business, 3 June 2015

HFW, Dentons on US$550 million ship finance deal

The Press comments on HFW advising the Dubai-headquartered oilfield services firm Topaz Energy and Marine.

Global Trade Review, 11 May 2015

Sanctions Challenges Abound (Subscriber access)

HFW Partner Daniel Martin comments on the ongoing sanctions regime and the effect it is having on trade financiers.

The New York Times, 22 April 2015

Ship’s Captains Call for Uniform Policies on Migrants at Sea

HFW Partner James Gosling comments on the burdens put on the captains or masters of naval and merchant ships in the Mediterranean to aid wayward travellers as more of them make risky attempts to get over the geographical barriers and through the European Union’s legal hurdles.

Building, 7 April 2015

The perils of perfection

HFW Partner Michael Sergeant writes on the repercussions of design consultants producing work that fails to perform as it’s supposed to, and also what happens when their work is too good.

The Times, 2 April 2015

City watchdog enters 'Terrible Twos'(subscriber access)

HFW Partner Robert Finney comments on future plans of the FCA.

TradeWinds, 13 March 2015

The Daebo insolvency: South Korean rehabilitation proceedings

Owners and charterers should seek legal advice promptly, writes Wole Olufunwa, senior associate lawyer at Holman Fenwick Willan Singapore LLP.

Legal Week, 9 February 2015

HFW appoints managing partner to succeed Eddings

Holman Fenwick Willan (HFW) has appointed Marcus Bowman as its new managing partner with effect from April 1. Bowman will succeed George Eddings who is currently serving a two-year term.

The Guardian, 2 February 2015

Labour launches stinging attack on Boots boss Stefano Pessina

President of the UK Chamber of Shipping and HFW Partner Marcus Bowman talks to the Guardian about his upcoming speech at the organisation’s annual dinner on Monday night in London, which will accuse political parties of engaging in anti-business rhetoric.

Lawyers Weekly, 27 January 2015

Senior lawyers recognised in Australia Day honours

HFW Partner Amanda Davidson OAM has been awarded the Order of Australia for her services to maternal health.

Insurance Day , 21 January 2015

The effect of fronting on contract certainty (subscriber access)

HFW Partners Paul Wordley and Graham Denny, and Senior Associate Luke Hacker discuss fronting issues in emerging markets and how they can create contract uncertainty for unwary insurers.

Tradewinds, 9 January 2015

Will 'in force' guarantee new S0x rules are enforced effectively?

As new emission regulations become law, operators are concerned that rules will be enforced unevenly, writes Nick Roberson, HFW Partner.

The much-publicised regulations restricting sulphur-oxides (SOx) emissions from ships came into force at the beginning of 2015. As a result, all vessels that operate in Emission Control Areas (ECAs) — which currently cover the North Sea, Baltic Sea, North American coastline and US Caribbean — must burn bunkers with a maximum 0.1% sulphur content by mass...

Insurance Day, 5 January 2015

Latin America: set for the long haul (subscriber access)

HFW Senior Associate Geoffrey Conlin discusses the outlook of the Latin American insurance market for 2015.

He begins: Despite all the challenges, Latin America's emerging middle class continues to make it an attractive proposition for international re/insurers...

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