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HFW in the news

HFW lawyers are often asked to comment on the latest issues and trends affecting the markets in which our clients operate.

CityAM, 5 December 2016

Why businesses should be keeping a close eye on the Supreme Court this week

Anthony Woolich comments on the impact of the Supreme Courts' impending decision on Brexit.

The Times, 30 November 2016

City law firm in latest transatlantic merger deal

HFW merger with US firm Legge Farrow Kimmitt McGrath & Brown.

CityAM, 22 November 2016

Keep calm and carry on trading: Donald Trump TPP tantrum will not hurt UK

Anthony Woolich comments on Donald Trump's proposed scrapping of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

Maritime Risk International, 21 November 2016

New opportunities, new opportunities for dispute (Subscriber Access)

HFW has advised on the establishment of one of the first securitisations of both existing and future trade finance receivables.

Air Cargo News, 21 November 2016

Analysis of the growing threat from cyber attacks

HFW Consultant Peter Schwartz and Associates Rupali Sharma and Victoria Cooper comment on the growing threat of cyber risks in the aviation industry.

GTR, 15 November 2016

HFW unveils details of new securitisation structure

HFW Consultant Peter Schwartz and Associates Rupali Sharma and Victoria Cooper comment on the growing threat of cyber risks in the aviation industry.

African Law & Business, 8 November 2016

East Africa modernises its upstream oil and gas sector

HFW Partner Diana France assesses recent reforms to the legal framework for oil and gas exploration and production within Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.

OILPRO, 1 November 2016

Iran officially signs first new style IPC model deal with domestic company

HFW Partners Jayson Marks and Daniel Martin comment on the possibilities for Iran in light of the recently lifted sanctions.

Aero Society, 16 September 2016

Plotting a new route our of Europe

HFW Partner Sue Barham comments on the impact of Brexit on the aviation industry.

Insurance Day, 18 August 2016

What re/insurance businesses can do now to prepare for Brexit(Subscriber Access)

HFW Partner Richard Spiller and Associate William Reddie discusses steps companies can take to ready themselves for the new business landscape post-Brexit.

Business Journal, 2 August 2016

Brexit: Future of UK Airlines remains uncertain

HFW Partner Sue Barham comments on the possible new regulatory options for the airline industry in light of the vote to leave the EU.

LexisNexis , 19 July 2016

The post-referendum landscape for shipping finance

HFW Partner Stephen Marais considers the possible implications Brexit could have on the shipping finance markets.. This article was first published on Lexis®PSL Financial Services analysis on 29 June 2016. Click for a free trial of Lexis®PSL

City AM, 8 July 2016

Would the City be better off in the long term outside the Single Market?

HFW Partner Richard Spiller gives his opinion on the UK's financial position post-Brexit.

LexisNexis , 29 June 2016

What does the referendum result mean for the UK financial services industry?

HFW Partner Robert Finney details the changes to the substantive law governing finance and other commercial agreements, as well as the mechanism for resolving disputes post-Brexit. This article was first published on Lexis®PSL Financial Services analysis on 29 June 2016. Click for a free trial of Lexis®PSL

Insurance Day, 29 June 2016

Brexit: The Legal View (Subscriber Access)

HFW Partner Richard Spiller discusses the key issues concerning the insurance regulatory regime post-Brexit.

Lloyds List, 24 June 2016

Shipping and ports face Brexit fallout

HFW Partner Anthony Woolich spells out the consequences of the UK leaving the European Union for those doing business in the UK.

Tradewinds, 24 June 2016

'Opportunity Friday' from Brexit vote, says HFW

HFW Partners Brian Perrott and Toby Stephens' discuss London's role as a centre for trade post-Brexit.

The Lawyer, 23 June 2016

Global 200 deliver £81bn revenue in 2015

HFW are listed as number 184 in the Global 200 report. The 200 firms, including 144 US, 31 UK, nine Asian, seven Canadian and nine European firms, collectively brought in £80.9bn - or $127bn - last year.

The Times, 21 April 2016

Much ado about Brexit (Subscriber Access)

Edward Fennell notes HFW has "hit the jackpot" with our range of speakers on out Brexit panel discussion.

The Times, 19 May 2016

Why Brexit could spell trouble for recruitment (Subscriber Access)

HFW Partner Anthony Woolich comments on the uncertainty over future recruitment within the legal industry post-Brexit.

TradeWinds, 8 March 2016

Brothers in law

HFW Associate Tunde Adesokan and his identical twin brother, Jide, talk of their similar careers in shipping and offshore energy law

City AM, 8 March 2016

As EDF’s finance chief quits, will the Hinkley Point nuclear power plant ever be built?

HFW Partner Alistair Mackie gives his opinion on the Hinkley Point nuclear power plant

Wall Street Journal, 7 March 2016

Egypt Replaces Head of Agriculture Quarantine Authority

HFW Partner Richard Merrylees discusses the potential market response to Mr Moussa's removal

Wall Street Journal, 6 March 2016

Investing in Iran? Frontier Market Opens Up

HFW Partner Daniel Martin comments on the impact of the lifting of a number of Iranian sanctions

Shipping Tribune, 19 February 2016

India Summit 2016

HFW Partner Paul Dean examines the legal point of view for ship building and repair.

Tradewinds , 11 February 2016

Far East shipping models show how much can be achieved from so little

HFW Partner Gareth Williams discusses the attempts by the European Union (EU) to tax Greek shipping and the benefits of the Far East models.

International Transport Journal, 29 January 2016

Recovery – in part

As part of the SSC’s international Seafreight Conference, HFW Partner Craig Neame comments on the risks within the international transport market.

Legal Business Online, 28 January 2016

ALB CSR List 2016

HFW is noted as a top 25 law firm in Asia due to our Anti-piracy work.

Building, 21 January 2016

The Footing the bill

HFW Partner Michael Sergeant discusses impact on liability for costs of projects going over budgets following from William Clark Partnership Ltd vs Dock St PCT Ltd.

Lloyd's List, 19 January 2016

The BIMCO clause provides clearer means of compensation

HFW Partner Gareth Williams considers whether a breach in the punctual payment of hire allows for termination of charter agreements and subsequent compensation

The Times, 14 January 2016

The Surveillance bill and security v privacy (Subscriber Access)

HFW Partner Anthony Woolich discusses the proposed reforms within the investigatory powers bill.

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