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Ella Wallwork

Senior Associate (Australian Qualified)

About Ella

Ella is an experienced construction litigator who specialises in disputes arising out of major infrastructure and renewable energy projects.

Ella specialises in running large-scale, highly technical disputes. She has extensive experience with disputes related to tunnelling and rail projects. These disputes tend to arise out of highly technical issues related to ground conditions, pre-contractual representations and defective workmanship and products. They often result in extensive costs caused by delays, and repair and rectification costs, which are in dispute. Ella has experience running these types of disputes from the project phase (and attempts for early resolution) through to completion of trial.

Ella also has a special interest in renewable energy projects, in particular wind farms. She has experience with and knowledge of the nuanced issues related to the wind industry, as well as a technical understanding of how wind farms operate.

She has experience running high level Court, and Arbitration disputes.

Her practice benefits from significant experience in insurance law and insurance disputes, as well as experience in Australia and the United Kingdom.

Ella is also Chair of the Proud Network Australia and is proactively involved with pro bono initiatives relating to human rights.