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Sustainability Quarterly – May 2023

Market Insight
16 May 2023

Welcome to the latest HFW Sustainability Quarterly.

In this issue, we are privileged to discuss with Robin Rix, Chief Legal, Policy, and Markets Officer of Verra, how his organisation has been dealing with the challenges of keeping up with the demands of a growing market, including the growing media scrutiny.

Alessio Sbraga, James Jordan, Alex Andreou and Farah Majid have penned an excellent summary of the challenges in scaling the availability and use of sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) and sustainable marine fuels (SMF) and how they help with supply chain decarbonisation in the hard to abate shipping and aviation sectors.

Christopher Ong took on the challenge of articulating some of the key differences between insetting and offsetting activities which corporations are undertaking to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions footprint. In circumstances where there is yet to be a single industry-wide approach to these activities, Chris warns of not overstating these achievements.

Finally, Adam Topping and Rochelle Musgrove discuss the latest compliance and reporting obligations introduced by the EU Sustainability Disclosure Requirements which will apply to large corporations in the EU and, in certain circumstances, outside the EU as well. With the complex web of disclosure obligations ever increasing, they instil clarity by drawing your attention to the key requirements.

We hope you enjoy this issue. We always enjoy hearing from you, so please do feel free to drop us a line with any feedback, comments or enquiries about our expertise.

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