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HFW Aero – Edition 2 – April 2021

Market Insight
6 April 2021

Welcome once again to HFW Aero, bringing you aviation news and insight with a focus on sustainability.

In this issue we are in conversation with Barbara van Koppen, General Counsel of KLM. To mark its 100th anniversary KLM took the bold step of asking its customers to think twice about whether they needed to fly at all. Two years on, Barbara tells us how the “Fly Responsibly” initiative has developed and why upscaling the commercial production of sustainable aviation fuel is a cornerstone of KLM’s sustainability strategy. She also explains the theory behind the striking “Flying V” aircraft that you see on the front cover.

KLM has been in the top three of the “airlines” category of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index for 16 years and counting. On page 10 we look at the evolution of sustainability benchmarking and how the aviation industry is positioning itself to take advantage of the growing availability and sophistication of “Green Finance” products.

In our news roundup we explain what happened when the use of drones by the French police to enforce Covid restrictions fell foul of data protection law, and consider whether governments in Latin America are doing enough to support the aviation industry.

We also present to you the results of our groundbreaking survey on illegal charters in Asia Pacific, conducted jointly with the Asian Business Aviation Association. The majority of respondents believe that illegal charter activity is on the increase and regulators in Asia are not doing enough to combat it.

We do hope that you enjoy reading. Please do get in touch if you’d like to talk to us more about any of the topics or issues that we have featured.

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