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HFW Launches Global Sustainability Challenge Using Software To Allow Colleagues To Measure Carbon Savings

22 July 2021

Global, sector-focused law firm HFW has launched a global sustainability challenge using specialist software that allows colleagues across the business to record climate positive lifestyle changes and measure the impact to their individual carbon footprint.

The software platform allows colleagues to choose from a range of sustainability ‘challenges’ – from simple actions, such as air-drying clothes or turning off taps while cleaning dishes, to larger changes like choosing a vegetarian diet or cutting out single-use plastics – which each have a corresponding carbon value.

Colleagues can choose as many challenges as they like, and can log activities and monitor progress via the platform and a mobile app.

Points will be awarded for every completed challenge, and the firm will award prizes each month to individuals that have achieved the greatest carbon savings.

The challenge will run for 12 months.

HFW recently launched a new sustainability strategy and appointed the firm’s Global Head of Aerospace, Giles Kavanagh, as its first sustainability partner. The strategy comprises three core pillars – clients, environment, and people and projects – and includes an initiative to accurately measure and reduce the firm’s global carbon footprint.

For more information about HFW’s sustainability strategy, click here.

Giles Kavanagh, Sustainability Partner, HFW:

“At HFW, we see sustainability as being critical to the future success of our business. We all have the ability – and responsibility – to help drive meaningful positive change across our communities. That’s the idea behind this challenge: it’s a way for us all to come together and contribute to a common goal.

“Some of the challenges may seem small and insignificant, but these simple, everyday changes all add up and can make a real difference. And the great thing about the software platform is that it allows us all to see in very real terms the actual impact that our actions are having.”

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