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Sustainability Quarterly - February 2023

In this first edition of 2023, we analyse key issues across global markets and consider the next steps in sustainability.

In this edition’s Client Spotlight, we hear from the Head of Sustainability at France-based Avril about the company’s environmental transition and how important it is to engage employees across the business in the journey.

We take a closer look at the work of our global charity partner, The Air League. This organisation champions the young people shaping tomorrow’s aviation industry and provides scholarships and support whilst promoting sustainable strategies.

With weather related incidents at an unprecedented high, liability and risk in the insurance sector is changing.

We have a write up of our recent webinar which examined the complexities of pricing, growing levels of litigation and how to accurately quantify climate change.

As always, we are very pleased to include the most recent legal and regulatory updates, sustainability news, and the latest in HFW’s own ESG initiatives.

We always enjoy hearing from you, so please do feel free to drop us a line with any feedback, comments or enquiries about our expertise.

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