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About Noel

Noel is Global Head of HFW’s Commercial Litigation Group and Co-Head of the Fraud and Insolvency team. Noel specialises in commercial litigation with an emphasis on financial litigation, fraud and asset recovery, insolvency, company law matters and trusts. His cases are typically high value, complex and cross-border. He has extensive experience of all types of commercial litigation in the London and Hong Kong courts and running litigation in offshore jurisdictions. His experience in Caribbean/offshore jurisdictions is unparalleled covering Anguilla, Antigua, The Bahamas, Bermuda, the BVI, Cayman Islands, Dominica, Jersey, Guernsey, Hong Kong, Isle of Man, Liechtenstein, Marshall Islands, Monaco, The Philippines, St Kitts & Nevis, Saint Lucia, Singapore, Switzerland and Turks & Caicos. He has had several cases in the Eastern Caribbean Court of Appeal, the Bahamian Court of Appeal and the Privy Council. Noel’s disputes work includes arbitration and mediation. He is a practising CEDR-Solve mediator and on the English Court of Appeal panel of mediators. He is also a Licensed Insolvency Practitioner in the UK and experienced in cross-border court-driven insolvency and restructurings.

Noel Campbell is based in the Hong Kong office and is also BVI qualified.

Noel is recommended for dispute resolution by both Chambers and Legal 500, and has also been inducted to the Hall of Fame by Legal 500 UK in 2020.

Noel is “highly experienced at guiding clients through the vicissitudes of fraud litigation. Sources declare that he is “a decisive leader” who “has phenomenal judgement” and an “uncanny ability to maximise the potential in people. (Chambers UK 2017).

Sources also say he is “a noted presence in the civil fraud market, undertaking a significant amount of cross-border work”. Others regard him as a “highly able and capable litigator” and “a worthy opponent” (Chambers UK 2013).

He is “something of a godfather at the firm and has seen all sorts of disputes. He is someone you want in your corner.” (Legal 500 UK 2021, Commercial Litigation: Premium) .

“We know we can rely on him if we have a fraud case in the UK or across multiple jurisdictions, and he is very strong on offshore work. He has very in-depth and insightful knowledge of fraud work.” (Chambers 2018).

His breadth of experience enables him to be “tremendously flexible and [to] adopt the best course of action for a specific case”” (Chambers UK 2010)

Noel is qualified in England and Wales, Hong Kong and Victoria (Australia).



Noel “在指导客户度过欺诈诉讼的各阶段方面经验丰富“。有消息称,他是一名“果断的领导者”,“具备非凡的判断力”以及“将人的潜能最大化的不可思议的能力”(2007年《钱伯斯英国》)

另有消息称,他“在民事欺诈市场上引人注目,承担了大量跨境工作”。其他人认为他是一名“非常能干的诉讼律师”和“一个值得尊敬的对手” (2013年《钱伯斯英国》)

他是 “公司的教父级人物,见过各种各样的纠纷。他是你想在你的角落里的人”。(2021年《英国法律事务500强》,商业诉讼奖金) 。

“我们知道,如果我们在英国或跨多个司法管辖区有欺诈案件,我们可以依靠他,而且他在海外工作方面非常强。他对欺诈工作有非常深入和深刻的认识。” (2018年《钱伯斯》)。

他的广泛经验使他能够 “非常灵活,并为具体案件采取最佳行动方案”(2010年《钱伯斯英国》)