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About Kate

Kate is an aviation litigation specialist. She handles liability claims and insurance matters as well as non-contentious aviation matters such as contractual liability, conditions of carriage and risk management issues.

Kate’s clients include major airlines, helicopter and fixed wing operators, airport authorities and ground handlers, as well as insurers/reinsurers. She has supported aviation clients across more than 10 countries in Asia, including Japan, India, Philippines, South Korea, Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Myanmar and Nepal, and has a particular focus on Thai law and jurisdiction.

In recent years, Kate has advised GA operators, helicopter operators and charterers on some of the industry’s high profile cases in Asia including:

  • crash of a Eurocopter 130 – B4 helicopter in Sumatra, Indonesia.
  • crash landing of a PAC750 XL aircraft in Papua, Indonesia.
  • crash involving a Dauphin AS365N3 helicopter in Arunachal Pradesh region of India.
  • crash of a Eurocopter 130 – B4 in Myanmar.
  • crash of a Sikorsky S-76C++ (HL9294) following collision with a condominium in Seoul.
  • disappearance of a Comco Ikarus C42 ultralight aircraft in Nepal.