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Sustainability Quarterly – September 2023

Market Insight
7 September 2023

In this edition of Sustainability Quarterly we shine a spotlight on the women who are at the forefront of the energy transition. I had the pleasure of speaking with Stephanie Unwin, the Chief Executive Officer of Horizon Power, which has the world’s largest regional energy service area under transition.

We also spoke to women from diverse fields – from the leader of Australia’s government science agency to the leaders working towards the potential of green ammonia – who are united in striving towards achieving the energy transition.

Continuing with the theme of energy transition, Michael Maxwell, Peter Zaman, Christopher Ong and Lea Hiltenkamp consider some of the key policy challenges, such as when (or when not) it’s ok to use offsets, how geo-political moves can shake up energy alliances and how to ensure that the transition isn’t fuelling modern slavery.

Dan Perera, Brinton Scott, Jie Wang, Sarah Taylor, and I also provide a global update on the critical minerals fuelling the transition, covering the latest developments in Australia, Singapore, China, the UK and Europe.

Finally, we hear from Lisa Sorrentino, Head of Development at Sydney-based affordable housing provider City West Housing.

As usual, we also include an interesting mix of various ESG perspectives and initiatives, such as the launch of the Australian Proud network, which is fostering support and allyship across our diverse workforce.

Thank you to all the authors and behind-the-scenes team who have contributed their time and energy to pull the edition together.

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