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Japan Pack: First Edition

23 October 2017

This dedicated Japan Pack is designed to help our commercial partners successfully navigate the choppy waters caused by the UK’s decision to exit the European Union. HFW will support you to avoid the pitfalls and make the most of the opportunities that Brexit presents. Commentary from HFW Partners, consultants and Japanese expert opinion will provide clarity around the legal and strategic implications for your business.

We look in detail at the current UK-Japan trading relationship, the prospects following UK Prime Minister Theresa May’s recent visit to Japan and speech in Florence, and the likely ramifications of Brexit across our sector groups.

This pack will also provide an overview of some key features of the Japanese legal system and how this affects the enforcement of foreign judgment and arbitral awards. It also considers topical features currently under the spotlight in HFW’s sectors such as the recovery of hedging losses and mitigating cyber risks.

As ‘Global Britain’ steps towards a future outside the EU, the Japan-UK relationship is more important than ever. The Japanese Ambassador has even offered to lend trade negotiators to Britain to ensure adequate transitional arrangements. Despite the Japanese snap election in October 2017, a “business as normal” attitude prevails in UK-Japan relations.

In Theresa May’s speech in Florence on 22 September 2017, she requested that the EU allow the UK to retain access to the Single Market on current terms for up to 2 years after Brexit.

The speech has been seen as demonstrating the UK government’s desire for constructive dialogue on a future UK-EU relationship – and is grounds for optimism for Japanese companies in the UK which depend on frictionless trade with the other EU Member States.

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