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HFW: In conversation with Andrei Marcu

Market Insight
28 October 2021

Will COP26 be the Article 6 COP?

In this HFW Podcast episode, Peter Zaman, Partner at HFW, speaks to Andrei Marcu, Executive Director of the European Roundtable on Climate Change and Sustainable Transition (ERCST) ahead of COP26.

Peter and Andrei discuss some of the specific challenges and issues to be addressed at this COP around Article 6 including the chances of reaching an agreement on the Article 6 Guidelines needed to make the market mechanism of the Paris Agreement operational.

Andrei Marcu
Founder & Executive Director, ERCST

Andrei Marcu has vast experience in managing policy-focused organisations, creating partnerships, managing stakeholder relations and fundraising. His focus has been on sustainable development, climate change and energy. In different capacities, he has been engaged in multilateral negotiating processes and subsequent implementation action, both at the global and sectorial level. He has acted as negotiator for developing countries, coordinator for the G-77 and China, and as representative of the international business community. He pioneered cooperation between the UN system and multinational corporations when serving as Manager of Private Sector Cooperation in the United Nations Development Programme.

Andrei Marcu is responding in his role as Executive Director of ERSCT.