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Complex Environments

Specialist legal advice and support in complex and hostile environments, providing 24/7 emergency response and crisis management.

Our experience in Complex Environments

Our experience extends across a range of complex situations on an international scale, providing frontline support and required solutions. Our team has supported clients with resolution strategies during major incidents worldwide, including in recent times in Afghanistan, Albania, Algeria, Angola, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Brazil, Benin, Bulgaria, Egypt, Ecuador, Guinea-Bissau, Indonesia, Iran, Ivory Coast, Mexico, Libya, Nigeria, Philippines, Russia, Somalia, South Africa, Syria, Togo, Turkey, Ukraine, Venezuela and Yemen, making use of our contacts in governments, the military, private military or security, financial institutions, regulatory and intelligence agencies.

We’ve helped release of over 1,800 hostages and recovered billions of dollars’ worth of property, bringing the team unparalleled experience in all forms of resolution strategy and ransom payment.

We have worked with clients to develop bespoke claims management structures to deal with the exposures and volume claims arising after major incidents, such as casualties, major loss and natural disasters, including the 2023 Turkey-Syria earthquake.

We designed and managed bidder platforms to structure invitations to tender and distressed asset sales, especially following major loss incidents and in hostile environments. In February 2023, we choregraphed the distressed sale of 16 stranded vessels which became a total loss in a war zone, arising from the Ukraine/Russia war.