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Cyber Risk

Commercially driven management for shipping.

iterative, practical and incremental


What are my contractual responsibilities and exposures relating to cyber security?


Are my people and processes ready to ensure business resilience?


What level of technologies and controls is good enough to manage the risks?


Have I exercised cyber security due diligence?


Which residential risks are not covered by my insurance policies?


Leveraging the combined expertise of HFW and CyberOwl, explore our extensive international reach and presence.

Cyberowl written insights

CMA CGM cyber attack: Are my team prepared?

The CMA CGM cyber attack came to emphasise the vulnerability of the shipping industry to attackers.

In response, CyberOwl produced a two-part Special Report on the questions management should be asking IT, and how IT teams should answer them.

What is the CMA CGM cyber attack happened to us?

As fleet operators started to ask themselves questions about their organisations resilience to similar attacks, in part two of the Special Report, CyberOwl discusses how to respond to managements questions on the CMA CGM attack, covering the 6 main queries that may arise in similar circumstances.

What cybersecurity issues are keeping shipping up at night?

To assist the shipping sector on cyber security matters, CyberOwl ran a series of workshops in pursuit of developing a free toolkit to the shipping community take practical steps towards cyber safety and defence. In this article, the team dives into the workshop results and some interesting trends and insights to take away from them.