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HFW, KPMG and Augusta Ventures Join Forces to Support Businesses Impacted by Covid-19

1 July 2020

HFW, KPMG and Augusta Ventures are pleased to announce a non-exclusive project to assist companies facing problems caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown.

Together, they will provide a global ‘one-stop shop’ that can quickly support companies needing assistance by facilitating funding for supporting litigation and arbitration from Augusta, and a package of legal assistance, asset tracing and enforcement measures from HFW and KPMG.

Augusta’s assistance will enable claims to be swiftly investigated and the merits established, so that clients can decide how they wish to proceed including by way of litigation or mediation.

Brian Perrott, Partner, HFW:

“The pandemic is the biggest disruption to business since 2008 and will give rise to countless disputes and claims, largely through no fault of either party. But companies wishing to resolve such disputes may find themselves unable to fund the costs of any litigation at this difficult time. Having Augusta on board will therefore be of great comfort to parties when they are dealing with problems caused by the pandemic that are unforeseen and for which there is no time to make any cash provision to fund the matter.

“I also look forward to working with KPMG on this project, as I know how many claims do not proceed or fail because of an inability to locate and, where necessary, enforce against assets. This team will also be able to ensure matters are properly investigated, so that the clients can decide if they want to proceed to litigation or resolve their claims by mediation.”

Robert Hanna, Co-Founder and Managing Director, Augusta Ventures:

“Collaborating with KPMG and HFW will allow us to deliver a seamless, low-risk litigation process for claimants seeking to recover funds. Together, we will level the playing field providing funds for access to justice and place our clients on the best path for success.”

David Standish, Partner, KPMG:

“Our expertise in asset tracing and enforcement is of the utmost value to clients who wish to recover losses. Working with this team means we can tackle all aspects of the problem very quickly. The added comfort of funding means no claim need be delayed because of problems around financing the work.”

Press Contact
Chris Johnson
Head of Communications