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Congratulations to HFW’s Hong Kong Legal Practitioners for passing the Greater Bay Area’s (GBA) legal professional exam

3 November 2021

HFW continues to remain at the forefront of the legal development of the Greater Bay Area (GBA), as a number of HFW’s Hong Kong legal practitioners passed the GBA legal professional exam, the first exam to qualify for practicing mainland Chinese law in the area.

This exam is part of the central government’s ambitious GBA initiative to create a technology and finance hub connecting Hong Kong and Macau with the nine southern cities.

Upon obtaining the practising certificate of the GBA, our team in Hong Kong will be able to practice law in commercial matters in the nine Pearl River Delta municipalities in the GBA. This will also provide a huge stage for our sector’s development in the area.

Patrick Yeung, Hong Kong Office Head, HFW:

“Making sure we’re across changes in the GBA is a priority for HFW. The GBA qualifications are in addition to the PRC qualifications some of our partners already have, including Justin Sun and Angie Lo. Both qualifications demonstrate our on-the-ground knowledge, prompt response to market developments in China and also enables our lawyers to provide diversified legal services to a broad range of Chinese clients. We look forward to continuing to work with our clients across the region.”

Congratulations to:

Daniel Leung, Partner, Energy & Resources

Henry Fung, Partner, Shipping

Karen Cheung, Partner, Commercial Litigation

Matthew Wong, Partner, Energy & Resources

Wing Cheung, Partner, Energy & Resources

Max Hui, Associate, Energy & Resources

Press Contact
Chris Johnson
Head of Communications