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HFW Extends Charity Partnership With The Mission To Seafarers

29 October 2020

Global, sector-focused law firm HFW has extended its partnership with international maritime charity The Mission to Seafarers (MtS) until 2022.

MtS provides essential welfare support to the world’s 1.5 million seafarers, from helping them keep in contact with friends and families during long voyages to practical and emotional assistance in the event of a serious incident.

It has been the charity partner of HFW’s global shipping group since 2017, with the firm providing a wide range of pro bono legal and practical support. This has included helping MtS develop new governance structures to enable sustainable welfare in places such as Argentina, Panama and the UAE.

William MacLachlan, Partner, HFW:

“Seafarers are responsible for the transportation of 90% of all global trade – without them, you wouldn’t have much of the food you eat, the clothes you wear or even the electrical device on which you are reading this. They have one of the toughest jobs on the planet and their importance to our way of life is often overlooked. The work MtS does to support this group of key workers and the tireless efforts of its staff and volunteers is of incalculable value to the shipping industry and wider society. We are extremely proud of the support we’ve been able to give to MtS across our global network over the last three years, and we very much look forward to continuing that support well into 2022.”

Andrew Wright, Secretary General, The Mission to Seafarers:

“Our partnership with HFW has been truly transformational for The Mission. For the past three years, HFW has provided important pro bono advice and guidance to MtS at a crucial moment in the charity’s long history, and has also raised significant funds that have enabled us to deliver help to those who need it most.

“Seafarers are the international key workers that often get overlooked, and we’re extremely grateful for HFW’s experience and continued support in ensuring that they have the protection and advice they need. HFW’s work has and will continue to play a key role in enabling us to offer an effective, relevant and modern global response to the needs of seafarers and their families, and we’re excited to continue our partnership.”

To find out more about MtS, visit:

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