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Cookies and tracking technologies

About cookies

Cookies are very small, simple text files that websites use to perform certain technical functions, which are stored on your computer. On this Website, we use cookies to count the number of visitors to the Website, to see which pages are most popular, and to see whether you are a new or returning visitor. We do not (and cannot) use cookies to identify you personally. By using our website you agree that we can set and use these cookies.

The cookies we use

Name of Cookie What does it do? How long will it last?
_ga Used by Google Analytics to distinguish users. 2 years
_gat Used by Google Analytics to distinguish users. 24 hours
_gid Used by Google Analytics to throttle request rates. This helps Google to manage how frequently they collect data from a user or Website over a given period. 1 minute
ASP.NET_SessionId Used by the HFW Website to maintain your connection. Expires when you leave the site
c3_cc_ACCEPTED Remembers if you previously agreed to accept our cookies so that we do not repeat the question unnecessarily 1 year
c3_cc_REFUSED Remembers if you previously refused to accept our cookies so that we do not repeat the question unnecessarily 1 year

Email tracking

If you register to receive our briefings, alerts or event invitations we use tracking technology to collect information about you through such emails in the following ways:

  • Opening emails: if you open the email either by downloading images in the email or clicking in a link we log such activity on our database.
  • View as web page: If you click on the "view it as a web page" link, a tracking code is passed in the link so that the web page is personalised in the same way as the email.
  • Links to web pages: If you click on any web link, we pass a tracking code in the link to the web page which we use to log such activity on our database.
  • Unsubscribe: If you click unsubscribe, we will automatically log this information on our database. If you unsubscribe from any email invitation or alert, we will continue to store your personal data on a 'marketing suppression list' in order to make sure that we respect your wishes in the future.
  • Event RSVP buttons: In our event invitations and confirmations we provide buttons to allow you to accept, decline, cancel and register (if you are not the original recipient of the email) for that event. Clicking on these buttons will pass a tracking code so we can record your choice in our database to help us manage the event.

We do this to assess whether our emails are useful or interesting to you, and to tailor them accordingly. We also need to track whether you have accepted or rejected an event invitation, so that we can administer such events.

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