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OFFSHORE WIND WEBINAR SERIES: February to march 2021

HFW's construction team are delighted to invite you to join our latest Offshore Wind Webinar Series in which we will explore the English Law approach to the interpretation of contracts emphasising the strict application of contract words, discussing the various English law arguments which may be used to get around this strict approach, and applying this approach and these arguments to real life case studies.   

Dates and Times

Tuesday 9 February (9am - 10am GMT)

Tuesday 2 March (9am - 10am GMT)

Tuesday 16 March (9am - 10am GMT)


Delivered live online (GMT time) & on-demand afterwards


HFW's construction team are delighted to invite you to join the following three webinars:

The first webinar, Interpreting Contracts, on 9 February 2021 will explore the current English judicial approach of upholding the language of the contract and how implied terms or equitable claims such as misrepresentation may be used to avoid a judicial interpretation based on the strict wording of the contract.

Our second webinar, Equitable and Other Remedies, on 2 March 2021 will develop our contract interpretation theme, focussing on the interplay with good faith and other remedies such as waiver, estoppel, variation of contract and collateral contracts. We will also discuss how legislation may influence contract terms and also look at other non-contractual remedies such as unlawful means conspiracy, restitution and quantum meruit.

The third and final webinar in this series, Case Studies, on 16 March 2021 will explore the practical application of the contract interpretation principles considered in the first two sessions to case studies based on offshore wind projects.

If you have any queries regarding any of these upcoming offshore wind webinars, or to register your interest in attending, please contact us at

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