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London International Shipping Week - AD 2030: Autonomous Vessels, Cyber Security and Casualty Response seminar

HFW will be hosting this seminar as part of London International Shipping Week.


13 September 2017


HFW, Friary Court


It was only 150 years ago when ocean going vessels were steam-powered and Jules Verne was penning science-fiction stories of futuristic submarines with electricity providing "movement, heat and light". His predictions were startlingly accurate but even he may have been surprised to see the pace of change that is now upon us. Whatever your views on the commercial prospects of autonomous unmanned vessels, significant sums are being invested into making the technology viable and science fiction may soon become everyday reality.

As part of London International Shipping Week, this thought-leadership piece, presented by Tom Walters and Matthew Montgomery of HFW, will explore the recent developments in vessel technology and consider the kind of ships that may be crossing our oceans in 2030. The talk will also consider the existing maritime regulations and whether the legal framework governing safety at sea can adapt as quickly as the technology. And if not, where does that leave the industry?

Developments in marine technology go hand in hand with increasing cyber risks and, in the second half of this presentation, HFW will consider the implications of a possible cyber breach on an autonomous vessel leading to a major casualty. How can casualty response measures be put in place where a vessel is unmanned? And, if the root cause of the casualty was the failure to update one of the electronic systems onboard, can the vessel be said to have been seaworthy when the voyage began?>.

These issues and more will be covered by HFW as they look ahead at what the future may hold for the industry.

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