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HFW Aero Magazine – Edition 6 – July 2022

Market Insight
7 July 2022

¡Saludos y bienvenidos! Hello and welcome to the Latin America and Caribbean (LAC) edition of the HFW Aero, our quarterly update of the legal, commercial and regulatory issues affecting the aviation industry.

In this edition, we are excited to introduce to our readers two tech entrepreneurs determined to take aviation into the future. We hear from Paul Malicki, the CEO of Flapper, the largest private aviation app with a fully automated reservation system that accepts bitcoin. We also speak with Steffen Bay, Head of Market Development- Latin America for Vertical, to learn about the VX4 project, their focus on sustainability and their plans to use eVTOL to transform air travel.

Looking at the region’s tremendous green potential and its ambitions to fly net-zero by 2050, in this edition we, together with HFW’s consultant Giselle Deiró, offer a perspective on sustainable growth of air transport in LAC, examining whether decarbonisation is achievable within this timeframe in today’s current economic and political climates, post-Covid. In addition, we feature a piece that highlights LAC’s aviation industry’s resiliency, looking at the pace of growth since the vaccination rollout, we examine the region’s inflation, prevailing pro-consumer attitudes characteristic of social inflation, and what airlines and their insurers should expect looking ahead when defending against liability claims. We hope you find these articles informative and thought provoking, and enjoy the photography we are showcasing with these two featured pieces.

In our global news roundup we look at an array of topics relating to dispute resolution such as the trend of widening the scope of Montreal Convention (MC99) liability and UK261 news and potential reform. We also look at sustainable finance and the latest on airline consolidations.

Finally, we are excited to share our link to the updated 2022 HFW Aviation Latin America Interactive Damages Map, which contains details on aviation liability regimes and on passenger rights regimes across LAC.

We hope you enjoy this 6th edition, and please do get in touch if you would like to talk more about any of the topics featured.

Aileen Camacho

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