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Foreign Currency: Claims Judgments and Damages

26 July 2016

This book gathers together in one volume all the information and advice practitioners are likely to need when advising on, advancing or defending claims involving a foreign currency element.

HFW Consultant John Knott co-authored the publication, along with Michael Howard QC and John Kimbell QC of Quadrant Chambers. The book guides the reader through the legal principles governing how foreign currency claims are treated in English law and covers both the treatment of foreign currency in substantive law, as well as such procedural matters as how to claim interest correctly on a foreign currency claim and how to plead, prove or disprove the applicability of a particular currency.

Other key issues covered by the book include:

  • Sterling: its Historical Role, and the Decline that Led to a Change in the Law
  • The Euro Zone
  • The Change in English Law Introduced by Miliangos and its Forebears
  • Restitution and Unjust Enrichment
  • The Law of Trusts and Fiduciaries
  • Claims Against Limited or Common Funds
  • Set-off
  • Interest
  • Procedure and Evidence
  • Fiat Money, Legal Tender and Alternative Money

This book is an invaluable and essential resource for all lawyers involved in international commerce, but will be of particular interest to those engaged in international finance, commodity transactions, international shipping and transport, and the insurance of assets and liabilities abroad.

Foreign Currency: Claims, Judgments and Damages is published by Informa Law from Routledge. To order a copy of the book, please click here.