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HFW Partners author new Construction Contract Variations book

29 May 2014

Holman Fenwick Willan is delighted to announce the publication of an important new law book Construction Contract Variations, authored by Partners Michael Sergeant and Max Wieliczko (published on 27 May 2014 by Routledge for Informa Law).

Changes to the scope of work on construction projects are a common cause of dispute. Liability for variations is not only relevant to claims for sums due for extra work, but this is also an important underlying factor in many other construction disputes, such as delay, disruption, defects and project termination. This is the first book to deal exclusively with variations in construction contracts and provide the detailed and comprehensive coverage that it demands.

Construction Contract Variations analyses the issues that arise in determining whether certain work is a variation, the contractor’s obligation to undertake such work as well as its right to be paid. It deals with the employer’s power to vary and the extent of its duties to approve changes. The book also analyses the role of the consultant in the process and the valuation of variations. It reviews these topics by reference to a range of construction contracts.

This is an essential guide for practitioners and industry professionals who advise on these issues and have a role in managing, directing and compensating change. Participants in the construction industry will find this book an invaluable guide, as will specialists and students of construction law, project management and quantity surveying.

Chapter 1. Overview; Chapter 2. Employer Approval; Chapter 3. Scope; Chapter 4. Contractor’s Obligations in Respect of the Works; Chapter 5. Power to Vary; Chapter 6. Variations Required Because of Contractor Risk; Chapter 7. Duty to Vary; Chapter 8. Variation Instructions; Chapter 9. Change in the Absence of a Variation Instruction; Chapter 10. Valuation Process; Chapter 11. Entitlement to Money; Chapter 12. Entitlement to Time

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