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HFW/Ifchor Seminar: The economic and legal market in China

HFW will once again be hosting a joint seminar with Ifchor looking at the economic and legal market in China. HFW Partners Brian Perrott, Richard Merrylees and Andrew Johnstone* will be speaking.


15 May 2014




Details of the programme are included below:

Brian Perrott: The $ value of words: the addition or omission of one word in a charterparty clause can be costly – a look at some recent examples.

Richard Merrylees: Masters and their bills of lading.

Andrew Johnstone*:Contractual pitfalls and tips when looking at the Chinese market.

Mr Herman Billung, CEO, Goldenocean: Goldenocean and its commitment to the drybulk industry.
China – what’s keeping owners awake at night?
An owner’s perspective on the evolution of one of the most important countries in the shipping industry.

Mr Alain Barbezat, Senior Analyst, BCV (in cooperation with Ifchor Research):China – the end of Alchemy?

If you have any queries regarding this seminar, or to register your interest in attending, please contact us at

*except in Hong Kong, where he is a Registered Foreign Lawyer.

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