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Events 2014

Quarterly Construction Law Seminar

HFW Partners Michael Sergeant and Robert Blundell will be hosting a seminar on construction and design risk. The seminar will consider the key risks connected with construction under both build-only contracts and design-build.


1 May 2014


HFW London


The following important issues will be addressed:

  • Who takes the risk if it is impossible to build the contract scope?
  • How should ambiguities or gaps in the scope be treated?
  • Unexpected site conditions mean that the planned design needs to be changed: is this a variation?
  • Where the methodology for building the works cannot be followed.
  • What does "fitness for purpose" mean?
  • Putting specific performance standards in contracts.
  • What happens when your design standards conflict?

If you have any queries regarding this seminar, or to register your interest in attending, please contact us at

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