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Events 2013

London Market Claims Conference

HFW sponsored this annual insurance event. HFW Partner, Paul Wordley presented as a panellist in the morning on defining and achieving the outcomes that would deliver client value.


24 October 2013


Dexter House, London


Paul's presentation covered:

    Achieving complete claims certainty in the event of a balance-sheet threatening event
  • Are brokers doing enough to ensure a policy is likely to be paid in the event of a claim? Could more be done in the areas of:
    • Developing effective scenario plans
    • Policy wording analysis
    • Audit trails on documentation
  • What does good like?
    • Communications
    • Speed of settlement
    • Creating a smooth, transparent claims process
  • Devising and testing scenarios to ensure all party agreement on outcomes
  • Clear communications and relationships between leads, co’s and reinsures plus the broker to create a smooth claims process

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