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International Commerce

Issue 5/June 2012

Standard private security contract; HFW involvement in European Bulk Oil Traders’ Association; Australia oil pollution liability; Satellite interference in focus; and Myanmar reforms.

Winging it: aviation’s cloudy future

Recent turbulence in aviation has seen profits plunge. But changes to the industry may yet herald a sustainable future.

Bailing out shipping

Shipowners who renege on mortgage repayments have often had their ship seized by the bank and sold. Lenders and borrowers are now seeking less dramatic solutions.

Digging the dirt

Resources companies are coming to London with different corporate governance standards. What does this mean for the City as it emerges as world leader in this sector?

Gafta: going with the grain

The Grain and Feed Association (Gafta) has its roots in the 19th century, but its trade liberalisation mission is still relevant, says Pamela Kirby Johnston, its Director General.

M&A gets lean amid downturn chaos

Last year global M&A business was worth about half of 2006-07 levels. But activity in some areas and housekeeping acquisitions among mid-sized firms remain fairly buoyant.

Financial institution Fraud

Financial institutions need to stay on top of their crime cover or face a nasty surprise if they fall victim to employee fraud.

Around the world

A snapshot of developments in HFW’s international offices.

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