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Managing Cyber Risks During Uncertain Times

With unprecedented number of people working from home and accessing corporate networks remotely, the opportunity for organisations to be targeted by cyber attacks has dramatically increased.

The following core questions will enable you to assess your current risk levels;

  1. Do you know the top cyber risks you company faces? A company’s risk varies considerably based on its operating environment, so there are many things to evaluate and consider. How confident are you on the risks your organisation faces and have you implemented the appropriate treatment for them?
  2. Are your employees adequately educated about cyber security threats? It’s not enough to have a strong cybersecurity policy. Frequently employees are unaware of the riskiness of their behaviours, which means they are unlikely to change them. How do you go about educating them and making them aware if good and bad behaviours?
  3. Are your employee’s laptops and mobile devices secure? You should have strong policies and guidelines for securing employees’ devices and laptops. If your network is secure but the devices accessing it are not, you are at risk.
  4. Do you understand the risks across your entire your entire supply chain? You should understand what needs protected and why. You should know who all your suppliers are and build an understanding of what their security looks like, this includes sub-contractors.
  5. Can you confidently respond and recover from a breach? Cyber-attacks can vary in terms of persistence, sophistication and impact. This could be due poorly managed defences, or to sophisticated techniques employed by determined and well-resourced cyber attackers. Can your business survive a successful attack and do you have the appropriate resources in place to fully recover?

If you would like to find out more about our cyber services please contact:

Chris O’Callaghan
Director of Consulting
T  +44 7769 364113

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