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EU Sanctions Seminar

The scope and extent of international trade sanctions are constantly being increased, particularly with additional EU measures and US measures against Iran which have extra-territorial effect. Recent enforcement activity has highlighted the risks to banks and shipowners of engaging in prohibited trade with Iran, with enormous fines and huge damage to commercial organisations.


23 May 2013




This short seminar will highlight the risks of engaging in trade with Iran and other sanctioned countries, and provide practical guidance for steps which banks and shipowners can adopt to protect themselves. We will discuss the following topics:

  • What trade with Iran and Syria is allowed?
  • Why should non-US companies be concerned about US restrictions?
  • What checks should shipowners and banks be carrying out on the parties to the transaction?
  • What particular things should insurers and brokers have in mind?
  • How can banks ensure that they are not processing prohibited payments?
  • What terms should I include in my charters and other agreements?

HFW Partners, Anthony Woolich, Daniel Martin, Nick Hutton, Konstantinos Adamantopoulos and Alexia Kleonakos will be speaking.

If you have any queries regarding this seminar or to register your interest in attending, please contact us at

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