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Events 2013

3rd Annual China Trade & Export Finance Conference

HFW Partner Brian Perrott participated in a panel discussion.


17 October 2013




The discussion focused on the following:

Chinese commodities: Matching growth with demand

  • Looking at how the perceived drop in Chinese growth has impacted on the country’s demand for raw commodities: are traders still concerned over the prospect of a ‘hard landing’?
  • What impact have changes in the speed of demand had on pricing? How does this vary across different sectors (softs, agri, metals, oil, etc)?
  • What measures are traders taking to offset risk in light of concerns over demand? Are production rates being adjusted accordingly?
  • Is there sufficient diversification in the funding being made available for commodity traders? If not, what needs to be conveyed to the financial sector to improve provisions?
  • What role have government initiatives in industries such as construction had on demand and is this sustainable?
  • How has shifting demand and growing domestic production impacted on China’s policy makers with regards to foreign commodity imports and pricing reforms?

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