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The Brexit Question –
in or out?

HFW welcomed clients to a lively
panel discussion on the forthcoming
EU Referendum chaired by
John Humphrys.

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The Brexit question –
in or out?

HFW is reviewing business issues related to our key sectors to help clients prepare for a possible EU exit. We have extensive experience working with clients on EU, competition and regulatory matters across a broad spectrum including EU/national antitrust and merger control, State aid, EU litigation and EU and regulatory law matters.

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Global Partnerships Report 2016

HFW has worked with research group ExplaintheMarket to identify the three most important trends in a global economy. The research highlights three economic trends where political will, investor confidence and opportunities for new partnerships all converge.

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The wind of change: emergence of an insurance regime appropriate for French marine renewable energy projects?

On 3 February 2016 the French National Assembly adopted article 19 of the draft law on the ‘blue economy’ which introduces an insurance regime tailor-made for Marine Renewable Energy installations.

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Iran sanctions: guidance for insurers, reinsurers and brokers

Insurers, reinsurers and brokers will be looking carefully at the latest Iran sanctions developments to see whether the sanctions relief presents an opportunity or a threat for their businesses, as well as seeking to anticipate what new activities assureds may now be contemplating, in order to be able to respond to their requests for cover.

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Foreign investment into Australia

Australia’s new foreign investment regime, which came into effect on 1 December 2015 tightens up the process for obtaining government approval to invest in some areas, for example residential, agricultural and other sensitive property, and eases it in other areas.

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Safe Harbour 2.0: will the EU-US Privacy Shield stand up to scrutiny?

A last minute deal was struck on 2 February 2016 between the European Commission and the United States, in an attempt to fill the void in EU-US data transfer created by the Schrems decision in October 2015.

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Mongolia: what's new?

It is no secret that the fall in global commodity prices and Chinese demand has hurt the Mongolian economy. In addition, the Mongolian government is facing a number of imminent debt repayments and the prospect of having to restructure its sovereign and parastatal debt remains very real.

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